Nick Wright talks about the state of the NBA’s popularity and how a LeBron move would affect it

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Nick Wright examines the current extent on the NBA's global reach and predicts what will happen if Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James chooses a certain destination in free agency.

- What the NBA is going for it is the available talent because it's the second most played sport in the world, you can pull players off almost every continent. I mean, we looked at the NBA all-star game. Joel Embiid is from Cameroon, Giannis is from Greece, like Lebron's obviously from Ohio, you have guys from all over the world to replenish your talent. Also, I would just remind people that would say football will be king forever. This does tend in this country to be cyclical. Over the last 100 years the following sports have been the most popular sport at one point in time. Horse racing, boxing, baseball, basketball, and pro football. Now pro football has had a dominant run, and I don't buy into the idea that football is dying as some people do for no other reason than the lowest rated football game is still higher rated than everything other than like game seven of an NBA Finals. And just a mediocre NFL playoff game is going to out rate most championship games for baseball, football, or basketball, certainly hockey.

But I do think that the NBA can close the gap. The one thing I would say is this, I remember when Isaiah Thomas sat here yesterday and said that if LeBron doesn't stay in Cleveland CC he would go to Golden State. All the progress the league has made, that would erase it in one fell swoop. That man's one decision to me could kneecap the league's, not only popularity, but some of its credibility over the next few years. Now I don't think that's going to happen. But the NFL is not susceptible to that. Like if Tom Brady retires tomorrow, the league's popularity doesn't take any significant hit. If LeBron were to retire or if he were to join the Warriors, that drastically changes the popularity of the league.