Nick Wright reveals his key concerns for the Golden State Warriors

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In his conversation with Cris Carter, Nick Wright reveals how his concerns for the Golden State Warriors' path to the Western Conference finals.

- Whether or not this Warriors team can get got, as I like to say, I think we will have an idea of it based on just what Chris said. How does this final third of the season go? Because, yeah, they're not trying to go 73 and nine anymore. They're not even worried about 70 wins. But they do care about the one seat. The one seat matters in the Western Conference, not only because you will have home court in the Western Conference finals, but because of your path to the Western Conference finals.

The difference being playing four of the five seat in round two, or likely the number three seat in round two is enormous, particularly in the West. And what we've seen from the Warriors thus far this year is the worst version of the Warriors over the last three years. Now the worst version of the Warriors still might be better than basically every other team in the league. But they're no longer, for the first time in this run, a top four defense. They're fifth. Their point differential, instead of being a record setting, as it was two years ago and last year, it's now not even a point differential that is better than the Toronto Raptors.

Like there are real reasons to look at the team, and say, oh, like it's one thing to take your foot off the gas. It's another thing to, speaking of Toronto, have 14 losses when the Raptors only have 16 losses. And so you might be asking, why is it happening? I think there are two significant reasons.

One is the lack of focus, particularly on the defensive end. I think they can be a better defensive team than they've shown. But the other one is not fixable. And the other one is the one to look at, which is Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, how good are they right now? How good are they in the twilight of their career, Iggy having the worst year of his career by far, Livingston having the worst year that he's had since he the amazing comeback story after the knee injury.

- Since he just wrecked his career.

- Those guys are key, because since you brought over Durant, you don't have a ton of depth. You don't have nine-man wave. Like they were planning on playing Patty McCaw. He struggled, send him down to the G league. Jordan Bell was a nice story. The pick they bought from Chicago, he hurt himself, and so he's not back yet. Like, so those two guys, I understand, everyone's going to say Steph, KD, Klay, Draymond, but those two guys are key, and I don't know how good those guys still are.