Nick Wright reveals which team would be the best fit for LeBron

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In his conversation with Cris Carter, Nick Wright explains why the Philadelphia 76ers or the Houston Rockets give LeBron James the best chance of winning if he decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- Here's the thing, I almost can dismiss the Lakers in my mind. I think that it's the place he's least likely to go before we list it and it's the place I think he would have the hardest time winning. Because as Cris mentioned, like LeBron plus Paul George-- unless Brandon Ingram makes an enormous leap and Lonzo Ball makes a big leap and they have some other key acquisitions that they would almost assuredly have to shed Luol Deng's contract in order to do, and nobody wants that contract, they can maybe stretch provision him. But the Lakers, to me, are a couple years away from being a couple of years away.

So that doesn't make a ton of sense for a guy who will be going into year 16. Philadelphia is, to me, the most intriguing. It is something Cris brought up months ago when people were really focused on the Lakers and I was more focused on the Rockets. And the reason you mentioned Joel Embiid-- I'm not trying to take too much from the All-Star game, I understand it's an exhibition.

But at the end of that game when they tried to isolate Embiid defensively on guards and go at him, what I was seeing visions in my head of is OK, hold on a second. If this guy does have that defensive ability out on the perimeter-- and I talked to a league executive yesterday that when I brought up the All-Star game the first name out of his mouth was Joel Embiid and those sequences. That if he does have that type of defensive ability then the small ball stuff doesn't work. Because the whole idea of the small ball is you're five, you can't keep a five on the court to hurt us on the offensive end whereas he could just back down our guy because he can't guard on the defensive end. If Embiid can, then that is an intriguing team.

The lack of shooting is problematic but we have seen shooters, especially in their later years, tend to follow LeBron where he goes. Houston-- so Philly is a real thing to me and I think Philly has the best chance of LeBron extending this window to 16, to 18, 19, if he wants to play to year 20 because of the youth. The only caveat I have with Houston is while, next year, CC, I think they'd be the best fit for him, Chris Paul-- like everyone is not going to age like LeBron is. And Chris Paul is an undersized guy. He will then-- he will be going into year 15. How well will his game age? I think is a real concern for LeBron.