Cris Carter reacts to Devin McCourty’s comment on Malcolm Butler being benched in the Super Bowl

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Cris Carter reacts to Devin McCourty's recent comments that the New England Patriots "all knew" Malcolm Butler wasn't starting the Super Bowl LII.

CRIS CARTER: They're not telling the full truth. And they're not going to tell the truth. This is New England. Like, let's realize what's going on here. Devin McCourty-- what is he? He's one of Bill Belichick's lieutenants. So he's trying to fix up the horse manure that was left by them, and their fans saying, this guy played 98% of the snaps. This guy typically guards the best receiver.

Now why didn't he play any snaps? This is my puzzling question. With the 25 to 30 special team snaps-- so the guy who was the starter-- so he wasn't even good enough to play on any of the special teams? He couldn't run down on the kickoff?

So you made an example of this guy who's one of your marquee players by, you know what, I'm going to make you sit because I know there's guys on special teams that Malcolm Butler-- the assignment to do whatever they were doing-- I know Malcolm Butler is better at that than them. So this is McCourty trying to clean up for the coach. And he's the only person that said something since the Super Bowl. Hm, I wonder why. Because the optics of it are not very good.

And if we're wrong, then all the pool reporters that were following the team the week of the Super Bowl-- why wasn't it pointed out in practice that Malcolm Butler-- he's not a starter. Oh, Malcolm Butler, he's not a part of nickel. Oh, Malcolm Butler is not part of dime. And the reason why I call BS on Devin McCourty is because you're Nickelback, all right?

And Patrick Chung, your safety and the other special teams player that they put in at dime, they stunk. OK, so for you trying to make an excuse for Malcolm Butler not playing but one snap in the Super Bowl, like, stop that man. You need to stop that, all right?

And if you were doing something, you need to speak up for your teammates. Talk about how a good teammate he was, all right? Don't talk about you knew the week before, because Malcolm Butler, he didn't know.

- And in fairness, he did-- he did talk about him being a good teammate.

CRIS CARTER: That's what he should have stayed on.

- OK, I just want to make sure people that didn't see the full interview--

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, don't be making excuses like, oh, this was-- this wasn't news. Oh, it was news to somebody.