Foles’ Future: Cris Carter reveals how much teams should give up for Nick Foles

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In his conversation with Nick Wright, Cris Carter questions how much is too high to acquire Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles.

- He was trying to make the point of I'm not really going to pick up the phone unless they just offer me something ridiculous. Because that's ridiculous. No one is going to make that type of offer to you. And it's just amazing to me how everyone tries to break up the champ. Because this is the same way we were with New England last year.

Oh, they got Garoppolo there. Garoppolo needs to demand his way out of there. Like, he only has so much control. He had one more year on his contract. What's he going to do, go into Belichick's office and strong arm him? Yeah, how would that work out for anybody else? Like, it's not going to.

Nick Foles needs to sit there right where he is. Like, Nick Foles almost quit playing football! Did we forget? So what team is going to say, you know something, I'm going to give you a couple years of my draft for a guy that I don't know how much longer he wants to play football. Like, I know he loved last season, but he's giving me an indicator that he's not madly in love with this game of football. So no, there's no way I would commit that type of resources, those type of resources, for Nick Foles going forward.