Nick Wright unveils why Harden and Paul’s Rockets can dethrone Curry and KD’s Warriors

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In his discussion with Cris Carter, Nick Wright unveils why James Harden and Chris Paul's Houston Rockets can dethrone Steph Curry and Kevin Durant's Golden State Warriors in the West. Does The Beard's squad truly have the ability to knock off the champs?

- So I want to talk about the Rockets. I'm glad we're gonna talk about the Rockets right now, because there are a couple things I think America just doesn't know about the Houston Rockets. They played 29 games this year where James Harden, Chris Paul, and Clint Capella started. They are 28 and 1 in those 29 games. That is not a small sample size. That is not a fluke. That is a scary number.

Here's another one. Basketball Reference has all-time NBA rankings as far as offensive efficiency-- how good is your offense? The 2018 Houston Rockets rank number one in the history of basketball. That is not some crazy advanced metric. It's points per 100 possessions. Houston Rockets-- the best team ever.

And by the way, how good is that list? Well, number two is the '87 Lakers, number three is last year's Warriors, number four is the '92 Bulls, and number five is the '88 Celtics. Those are four of the greatest teams we have ever seen.

CRIS CARTER: So the metrics aren't just doctored up or swayed to the current game.

- Exactly right.

- You'd see the metrics cross over different generations.

- Exactly right. And so you take all that, you mention the lesser-known players-- CC mentioned PJ Tucker. He also was gonna mention Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, but he doesn't like saying his name.

CRIS CARTER: I call him a Moute.

- And so--

JENNA WOLFE: Yeah, we knew who you were talking about.

- --the two guys that do not need you to run a single play for them, go out and get some defensive stops, and go out and add some grit to your team, as CC put it.