Nick Wright reacts to LeBron James winning his 3rd All-Star Game MVP

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In his conversation with Cris Carter, Nick Wright reacts to LeBron James winning his 3rd All-Star Game MVP, comparing The King's accomplishment to that of Michael Jordan.

- All-Star Game MVPs are a real part of a players' historical legacy. So there's a very famous picture of Michael Jordan that shows him in front of all his major NBA trophies. So the six titles, the five league MVP trophies, the six finals MVP trophies, and in that picture is his three All-Star Game MVP trophies. And I always felt those kind of look out a place, like those are not part of his lore.

So I don't think this is like a legacy statement for LeBron. But I do think that it was awesome to see the best player in the world in a competitive game amongst the other best players in the world in an important weekend for the NBA, in a week where LeBron has had to talk about everything but basketball because of the nonsense swirling around him. That he stepped up on both ends of the court, from start to finish.

CC, he's the oldest guy out there, he plays the most minutes, he hits the shot to tie it, he hits the shot to give them the lead, he gives them the assist to, not quite seal the game, but it gave them a 3-point lead. And then the defensive stand along with KD on Steph. The NBA couldn't have scripted it better, and the fact that their best player was the best player on the court was quite fitting.