Cris Carter implores Lonzo to rein in LaVar: ‘You’re talking about the Lakers, bro, it is a big deal!’

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In his reaction to Magic Johnson's comments about having 'no regret' in drafting the controversial Lonzo Ball, Cris Carter reveals to Doug Gottlieb and Eboni WIlliams why enough is enough, and Lonzo needs to step in and prevent LaVar from continuing to create distractions with his incendiary comments. Will Lonzo ever confront LaVar or will this lead to Lonzo being traded from the Purple and Gold.

- Well, Doug, I think that-- you had a coach that taught you, just like I had a coach that taught me. If you continue doing things the same way, then you will get the same results. That's the definition of insanity, expecting different results by doing the things the same way.

So at some point, Lonzo, you can't keep it the same way. You're a professional ballplayer now. And to think that when you were in the AAU circuit, when you were playing with your dad, traveling around with a limited schedule-- because he didn't play to AAU schedule like the other guy-- like when you were in high school, and your dad said something about one of your teammates or their parents-- or when you were at UCLA, and they talked about Steve Alford, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Now, you're talking about the Lakers, bro. Like it is a big deal. Things cannot remain the same way. And I think, Doug, you brought a good point. You taught me something. --especially being the point guard. And if you're not the leader of your team, like it's a true-- it's different if you're-- if you're a three, if you're a four, if you're-- if you're the center, you don't have to be.

But when you're the point guard, and you begin this communication problems, and there's trust issues-- I thought you brought out some great points in telling me like, Cris, this is a different position. You can't be the point guard and have these types of distractions.