Cris Carter unveils why Golden State fans should be concerned about the Warriors’ bench

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In his discussion with Doug Gottlieb and Eboni Williams, Cris Carter grades Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors ahead of the 2018 NBA All Star break, revealing why he believes Steve Kerr's squad has a weakness in their bench players.

HOST: Doug, put a grade right now on Golden State going into the break.

DOUG: I give them a B. I mean again, that's probably a nicer grade than I should-- should give them. They still are a half game out of the best record in the NBA. But it's the defensive numbers that are slipping. It's just kind of some of the feeling you get around the team, to which there's a reason Steve Kerr handed over the clipboard. Because he thought his message wasn't getting through. That's not a great sign. I also think their bench has issues. Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala especially. He played 28 minutes and didn't-- didn't score a point. You almost have to try to not-- to not score a point in 28 minutes playing for the Golden State Warriors. So I think they've got some issues. They still are just a half game out of the best record in the league.

CHRIS CARTER: If we talk about their coaching, we give them an A. If we talk about their starting five, we give them an A, but that bench. How old are they? How old is Shaun Livingston, is Iggy? Can he get it going? The last three years, they've had over 100 games, so the overall critique, I will give them a strong B.

- OK.

- So a strong B.

- Is there a weak B?

- Yeah, because a strong B is you're leaning closer towards an A. Like a big clean up, some of that and they'd be an A. A weak B means you're getting in the C range, the same way you got through--

- But you can just go--

- C is your way through college.

- C is for degrees.