Cris Carter thinks Pittsburgh RB Le’Veon Bell should value being a Steeler for life over money

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In a conversation with Doug Gottlieb and former NFL head coach Eric Mangini, Cris Carter pinpoints the struggle for the Pittsburgh Steelers to fairly compensate the power trio of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, running back Le'Veon Bell and wide receiver Antonio Brown. Do you agree with Doug?

- Look at the emerge of JuJu Schuster. Your reason why? He's a good guy, good player, smart, mature, especially for a young receiver. He gets one-on-one all the time.

You talk about-- there's a number count in football that's very, very important. And when you have players that force the numbers to be in your favor-- L-Bell. You put him back in the I-formation, man, you've got to put that extra guy in the box. You have Antonio on the outside. He's a force guy. You've got a force, a double team there.

So now the number count, for the other guys-- Bryant and JuJu-- man, they're great. And Ben benefited from that. The thing is, at what price are you willing to do it?

- That's the question.

CRIS CARTER: That triangle-- like, how much money are you going to spend-- $20 million on Ben, $18 million on Antonio, $15 million on L-Bell? Like, at some point, the franchise is at the mercy of these skill guys. And they haven't collectively won since they have been together.

- Right

CRIS CARTER: Now, Ben has won. So this model-- it hadn't worked. Their defense is suffering. You mentioned some-- some really vital holes that they must fill on that defense. So it becomes a price.

He is a special, special player. And, for me, you have to make sure that you check your ego in with trying to be the highest paid running back. Like, some of those things aren't as important as-- to me, staying a Pittsburgh Steeler my whole career? Man, that would be one of the things I would be trying to-- as that gentleman, or as he said it-- I would be trying to make that a reality.