Cris Carter explains how sports can help players like Johnny Manziel confront and cope with their issues

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Reflecting on Johnny Manziel's recent TV interview where he admitted to having substance abuse issues as well as being bipolar, Cris Carter looks ahead to Manziel entering the developmental Spring League, revealing how a structured environment centered around football can help the controversial QB confront and learn to cope with his issues.

- I talked to Johnny several weeks ago in Los Angeles.

- How's he doing?

- Johnny's trying to do all the right things. And any time that you're involved in, especially any type of recovery, any type of 12-step program, which has been well chronicled as far as Johnny and his involvement in those programs or lack of involvement in a consistent program.

And then here recently, we've heard that he has struggled with being bipolar. So him being diagnosed as being bipolar. It's not an excuse for what Johnny's done, but it is an explanation for some of the behavior. And definitely some of the inconsistency that we've seen in this young man.

He's trying to do the right thing. I believe that right now he's in a better space than he was in last year or two years ago. I still believe that there's a lot of work to be done, not only off the field, but his daily life and trying to manage his daily life. I do believe that sport, a lot of time when you're going through issues like this, having a job or getting back to the thing you love, it really helps that person. It is therapeutic for them.

I just believe that there are going to be some other great stories of guys recovering that we haven't seen. We haven't seen those type of stories in a long time in the NFL. It's one thing that I mentioned to Roger Goodell, because Johnny has a history, a lot like myself. But I was able to make that change in my life and have the tools that I could be successful.

So I try to make myself available and I'm involved with several players like Johnny on a regular basis. So I'm always cheering. But also I know, that what it takes from a daily standpoint, Johnny playing football, is it good for him? I don't believe that this league right here gets him back into the NFL.

I would have much preferred him go to the CFL with June Jones, who has worked with a number of NFL quarterbacks and has the experience. They have his rights, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Well, what do I know about the CFL? My son's played up there the last four years. He's an all-star up there.

I know it's a league that cultivates talent. I know that they would put the type of structure around him. And I think that you would see that type of offenses and defenses that you would be able to project, is Johnny ready. With his ability to run with the football, I believe it breeds to him having success up there.

And that's the way that you're able to, besides your daily regiment, getting his life together, playing football and having success, I believe that the CFL is really a better option for him with their 18 game schedule, so that we can get a bigger sample size of him on the field than just playing two to four games in a two to four week window.