Where’s my DJ: Doug Gottlieb reveals why failing to acquire DeAndre Jordan will hurt LeBron’s Cavs

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Eboni Williams, Doug Gottlieb illuninates why Koby Altman and Dan Gilbert failing to acquire DeAndre Jordan will ultimately hurt LeBron's Cavs as The King's squad makes it's playoff push.

- I think for the now, Cleveland is better off with what they have. I think for the playoffs, DeAndre Jordan would have been better.


- Yeah, like newsflash. DeAndre Jordan's actually making his free throws this year. He was 8 of 9 last night. I think he's making 60% on the year, and DeAndre Jordan is the best rim-protecting star big--

- And for a lot of people that don't watch a lot of basketball, because they went to hack DeAndre at the end of a lot of games, especially in the playoffs. So him making his free throws is a great point that you're bringing, because that was one of the huge negatives in having him to be on the courts, especially late in games.

- And like look, I understand that we all believe that somehow the Clippers were these massive failures. That that group, you know, with Blake, and Chris Paul, and DeAndre Jordan, but they weren't healthy and there was something to their makeup, which I think could have provided a very difficult run for the Warriors to go through in the playoffs. We never saw it. Remember, the Clippers never faced off with the Warriors in their title playoff runs. The Clippers one year beat the Spurs, and they lost because of injury, and they would never collide.

So I actually think the Cavs would be better in the playoffs, because in the regular season, and maybe even getting-- maybe not the playoffs not the right word-- the Finals, because the depth that they have now allows-- you mentioned it yesterday-- LeBron James to come off the court and feel pretty good about the youth, the athleticism, the defense.

- Yeah, look at the game on Monday when LeBron sat, I think eight minutes or so, and they were able to be consistent. Only a couple of points behind.

- But championships are won by your best five on the court, and if the Cavs best five would have been better if you had DeAndre Jordan at center, in my opinion. The problem was he couldn't jettison Tristan Thompson. You'd still have Kevin Love. But you put him protecting that rim, rolling to that rim, guarding off the paint. We all talk about the Warriors 3-point shooting, which is great, but the Warriors lead the league in layups. They get dead layups.