Warriors Woes: Cris Carter unveils new weaknesses in Golden State’s armor

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In light of Golden State's latest loss to Portland, moving them to one loss shy of their worst record under Steve Kerr, Cris Carter unveils to Doug Gottlieb and Eboni Williams how the once impenetrable Warriors can be vanquished due to weaknesses that have surfaced this year.

- I think we've-- we've had a lot of conversations about who Golden State is. And we can't overreact to this, because look what they've been through the last four years. And it's basically unprecedented as far as the four finals in a row in teams that do do that. They are going to have struggles. They're going through-- we just thought it was the January-- the normal dog days of January in the NBA.

But now, given what's going on in Houston and what they have there-- right now they have the home court advantage, which, if you look before the season, said, man, right at the All-Star break, Houston's going to have home court advantage. You'd be like, wow, that would be very surprising 'cause some people thought that this Golden State team in the second year with Durant might be better than they were last year. Now, that might be proved out to be true. But right now, as we stand, of course you'd have to be worried are they vulnerable.

Not only on-the-court play, but look at the technical fouls. Draymond Green, Kevin Durant-- one and two in the NBA. Russell Westbrook's right there with them as far as technical fouls, potentially facing a suspension. Steve Kerr, he-- he warned us. Hey, guys-- man, this team is not locked in. So I got the players trying to coach 'em up because I think that they need to hear another voice. Well, maybe we need to go back and listen to the coach, because the coach had it right.

So, yes. At this point at All-Star break, yes, they are vulnerable. But they're also the most talented. Last night's game was a game about not making shots. Klay couldn't make a shot. Steph couldn't make a shot. KD basically-- he carried everything on his own.

But when you face the hot teams in the West, that's what makes the playoffs for me so dangerous-- that the West has so much depth that you can get into some tough series in round one and round two.