Doug Gottlieb on the Warriors: This isn’t some super talented team, but they fit together perfectly

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Reflecting on the Warriors losing to the Portland Trail Blazers, Doug Gottlieb reveals to Cris Carter and Eboni Williams why he believes Steph and KD's squad have vulnerabilities that could derail them from garnering another championship despite their immaculate chemistry.

- The thing I find fascinating, I don't actually think this is some super-talented team. I think, look, Klay Thompson is great. Obviously, Steph Curry has won two MVPs. And Kevin Durant I believe is currently the best or the co-best player in the NBA along with LeBron James. But what they've always done is they've always fit together perfectly. Like, Draymond Green is an All-Star, but he's not one of the top 15 players.

CRIS: No. He's a glue guy.

- Right. He's the-- he's the perfect fit for what they have. But, unless they have that perfect bench-- and their defense isn't as good. Their bench used to shut you down, shut off your water. You know, there's only a handful of teams that have allowed this many 120-plus-point games this year. Check this out. Bulls, stink. Cavs, worst defense in the league outside of the Kings. The Nuggets, the Pelicans, the Suns-- who are just awful-- the Lakers, the Magic, the Nets, and the Warriors.

We're also talking around the fact that they're not as bought in defensively as they've been. So look, I think they've always been pieces that have fit together. They tried Nick Young. That doesn't seem to work. The Zaza thing has never been what they had with, with, with Andrew Bogut. And I do think that those older pieces coming off the bench, maybe they can find the fountain of youth in the playoffs or maybe they need one more guy, but I do think this team is vulnerable.