The King vs The Beard: Cris Carter reveals if LeBron James can surpass James Harden as the MVP

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Cris Carter reveals to Doug Gottlieb and Eboni Williams if LeBron James can close the gap and surpass James Harden as the 2018 NBA MVP. Do you agree with Carter's analysis on who has the edge in this year's MVP race?

- We can't always build a house on what Nick is putting up the foundation. All right? But what I think is, LeBron had played so spectacular. But with Houston being a half game from Golden State-- most valuable-- what he's meant to that franchise this year.

Bringing over Chris Paul-- and people, you know, when you have a question, can they play together? Two ball-dominant guys-- they've worked it out. And when Paul, Capela, and Harden are in the lineup, I mean, that combination is like something that we haven't seen in recent dates.

So I think that Harden has a little bit of an edge. But I think that what could swing it back to LeBron is that in this 30 games with these four new teammates, if they play spectacular, if they maybe potentially end up with the number two seed-- um, and Houston is the number two seed in the West-- then you have to build the weight man. Wow, how much of an impact will LeBron-- these last third of the season-- and that could-- that could tilt it in LeBron's favor. Now LeBron has something negative like Michael Jordan. He could have been MVP a lot of those years. But they owe Harden one. So is this the year that they pay Harden back for the two previous great seasons that he did have?