Doug Gottlieb on Steve Kerr allowing players to coach: If he wants to sit there in Speedos and coach in Vans, God bless him

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Eboni Williams, Doug Gottlieb explains why the story about Steve Kerr allowing his players to coach themselves in their blowout win against the Suns is not only unimportant to the Golden State Warriors' playoff plans, but Steve Kerr is both an experienced, champion coach and champion player whose judgment needs not to be questioned on such trivial matters.

- [INAUDIBLE] Steve Kerr right here, is this just insanity? Are people just taking this way too seriously?

- EHE, everybody hates everything. OK, just remember that, right. Like, man, that was great. You look on Twitter, and somebody can find fault with it. He's won 250 games faster than any coach in NBA history. He's a former player, so he's done it. He's a champion, so he's done it as a coach and as a player.


- OK, and he played under the two greatest NBA coaches of the modern era, Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson. And of course, he uses some of their philosophical beliefs. If he wants to sit there in Speeds and coach with Vans on, as a psychological move to help motivate his team mid-season, god bless him. Who are any of us, let alone pundits, to criticize Steve Kerr?

And oh yeah, by the way, it's always been a players league. It's always been a progressive league. This has happened elsewhere. This is just what happens when we're bored in the middle of the season and Steve Kerr does something that, maybe, some people haven't seen before.