Cris Carter’s message to Isaiah Thomas: ‘You’re 5’8, you’re not 6’8 — you’re not some commodity!’

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In his reaction to Isaiah Thomas telling reporters that his 1st practice with the Lakers was the first real practice he'd had all year, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Eboni Williams why IT should stay focused on his hip rehabilitation and showcasing his unique ability rather than consistently saying incendiary things to the press.

- Well, you have to be more self-aware, and that's what I don't see with Isaiah. One of the problems in Cleveland, let alone the hip, because you're one of the first people that told us at the beginning, now, this hip from people I'm talking to, there's more damage to the hip and it's going to take longer.

So, obviously, the Cavs felt that way too. That's why they went back to Boston. Boston gave them more compensation. So Isaiah has never been healthy, so that would make sense why he hasn't had a full practice.

I'm sure the Cavs had plenty of practices when he was there, but both you guys are right. You make a great point. This is what he's done as far as his previous stops.

You're right, people are going to question his overall attitude, because let's not forget, bruh, you 5'8", you not 6'8", you not some commodity. I mean, you are a once every 10, 15 years type player, like yourself, is going to be successful in the NBA. So be very, very careful.

The Lakers have a role for you. Be very, very careful that you can get healthy to be able to fulfill that role.

You make a great point, too. Right now, he needs to concentrate on where he is and his health moving forward. Whatever's happened to him in the past, it's not even going to help him to bring up.

So he needs to right now focus on in the now, focus on yourself, and focus on trying to help these Lakers, especially the younger Lakers, get acclimated to how to become a very, say, a respectable NBA player.