Cris Carter outlines why The King’s Cavs are ready to face Steph, KD and the Golden State Warriors

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Eboni Williams, Cris Carter outlines why The King's Cavs are ready to face Steph, KD and the Warriors. Do the trades made by Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers elevate them to be a threat to Steph, KD and Golden State?

- Just-- just incentivizing that level of best play from their best player.

- And I think, in the playoffs, because they were only able to go eight deep, that they can go nine or 10 deep. So I don't say I disagree with you. I say because these, the 9th and 10th player are legitimate NBA players, that's what makes a difference if you get into the playoffs.

These guys couldn't hit any shots for LeBron. That's why they got the decisive four to one over Golden State. But if you put this-- at this healthy team, with Kevin Love on this team. In game number one NBA finals. I don't care if it's Houston. I don't care if it is Golden State. They're going to win two or three of those games definitely, with a chance to win.

Last year, to me they didn't have a chance to win the championship. This year, they have a legitimate shot at winning a championship because of the multiples in offense they can do, and the pressure that they have from a roster standpoint, because they have legitimate NBA players who can fill in.