Chris Mannix unveils why he has changed his view of the Celtics being the best in the East to LeBron’s Cavs

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In his conversation with Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Eboni Williams after the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics, Yahoo's Chris Mannix unveils why he has changed his opinion from the Celtics being the best in the East to LeBron's Cavs.

- Say that on camera one more time because--

- I do not believe the Celtics are still the favorite.

NICK: Ohhh!

- And I wrote this last night. And because-- look, because I am an objective observer.

- OK. Now, this is what I'm trying. This, this is important right here. This is not personal, but it is personal because this is what I'm trying to get Nick to kind of have a little more peripheral vision. When you get new information--


- You get the opportunity as a professional broadcaster to potentially change what your opinion is, and that's where you are right now.

- Let me, let me just take it from 10,000 feet first right here. What Koby Altman did on Thursday, the GM of the Cavaliers, he basically went on TV with a sign that said Nick Wright is wrong because he said--

NICK: Oh, really?

- We are on-- he said, what was his phrase-- a slow death march. Koby Altman, the GM of the team, said the team that was currently constituted, the team that you swore up and down was going to the NBA Finals--

NICK: Yeah. And they were

- Was on a slow death march.

- Right which would end in the Finals--

CHRIS MANNIX: No, no, no, no no.

- When they got beat by the team from the West

- No, no, no. The slow death march. It was over. So what did he do? He did the virtually unprecedented. He went out and upended almost half his roster. He went out and changed almost half of his rotation. He brought four guys in with a third of the season left. Now, these four guys, they brought in the right guys. My opinion of two of those guys is very high. Number one, Rodney Hood, who I think is one of the most underrated players in the NBA today.

CRIS: Yes.

- He was drafted 23rd for inexplicable reasons. He has been under appreciated for the last three or four years for inexplicable reasons. That's number one. He's going to play extremely well off of LeBron James. Number two is George Hill, who changes the dynamic of the point guard position. George Hill, who last year averaged almost 16 points in the playoffs for the Jazz, who four years ago was playing in the conference finals with the Indiana Pacers.

Those two players plus what you get from Clarkson and from Nance, it totally changes what that team was Nick. Nick, they are a-- I mean, they are the furthest thing from what they were, which is why I've turned back to the Cavaliers.