Nick Wright on LeBron’s passing: ‘He will instantly put you in the best position to do what you do best’

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Eboni Williams, Nick Wright explains how LeBron James' ability to make everyone around him better is the key to successfully integrating the Cav's new acquisitions in order to ascend to the top spot in the East.

- I want to go to Friday for a moment, because I got--

CRIS CARTER: In Atlanta.

- --so-- in Atlanta. I know Atlanta's terrible. I get that. But I got really frustrated last week with a lot of people, maybe my partner included, that one of the knocks on LeBron while the team was struggling was, man, I wish he would do a little more of what Kobe or Michael would do. Which is, not just take 17 shots and--


- --go 2 for 17. Take 30 shots. Take over these games. And LeBron, consistently throughout his 15-year career, has played his way, which is the smart way, which is the efficient way. And that leads us to Friday-- a game where they were only one point favorites against Atlanta. Why? Because they had lost six guys to a trade.


- None of the four they had traded for were there. They had a guy named John Holland. Cris, you called me.


- You're like, who's the dude with the dreads I've never seen on the Cavs before?

CRIS CARTER: I thought someone snuck on the bench in Atlanta. I mean, straight from the club, you know, you can get on the bench.

- London Perrantes was getting minutes. Cedi Osman was starting. That's the team they had.

CRIS CARTER: First NBA start.

- And it's not just that the Cavs won. Forget that. LeBron sets his career high-- not in points, like Kobe or Michael might do in a game where they're undermanned-- but in assists-- 19 assists when he's got a handful of D-leaguers playing with him.

And then, yesterday, why were those guys comfortable? Why, in that game, did the new guys shoot six for six on shots from LeBron, in the first half, I believe it was? Because he will instantly put you in the best position to do what you do best. And because he's such a student of the game, he already is studying, if you listen to what he's saying, where these guys like to catch the ball to shoot--


- --where these guys are most comfortable on the court. So LeBron's the one guy that I've ever seen in this league that you could-- we used to ask this hypothetical. If you dropped LeBron on any team in the East, would they become the favorites? Well, yesterday was your answer.

Like, pick the team. Let LeBron figure out with the best rotation is around him, not have guys who are unhappy, or don't want to be there, or have other agendas, as Isaiah Thomas might have, for a good reason. And what are they going to be? One of the best offenses in the league. If you add to it that they're young and athletic, the defense will come along.