Nick Wright on IT: ‘Isaiah’s bristly nature is the only reason a 5’8 guy can be in the NBA and ever play at a high level’

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Nick Wright unveils to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he hopes Isaiah Thomas can land on his feet and be successful now that he and his 'me-against-the-world' personality have been shipped out of Cleveland.

- Very difficult for people that have been incredibly successful in their lives, once they're grown-- grown ups, grown men, grown women, whatever, to change significant pieces of their personality. Isaiah's bristly, me against the world nature is the only reason a 5'8" guy can be in the NBA and ever play at a high level.

That chip on his shoulder is never going away. That chip on his shoulder though, is only palatable when he's playing well.

- Well, exactly.

- Instead, he's still hurt. And he's got the money hanging over him and what he feels like is a betrayal from Boston. All those things work against him in what could end up being a sad story.

Like, at this point, now that he's off the Cavs, I'm rooting for Isaiah. I hope Isaiah turns the whole thing around. Wasn't working with him and the Cavs. The Cavs made the right move. I hope he turns it around. But his body right now is not going-- has not allowed him to.

- Just like Isaiah, I need you as an adult to make some grownup modifications to your personality.

- Me?

- You.

- No, no, no, no.

- Meanwhile, he's been there for five minutes. He's already made a point.