Cris Carter on the controversial Isaiah Thomas: ‘Things just got much worse for him’

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter explains how Isaiah Thomas just hit a major speed bump in his career as his style of play does is not conducive to facing high profile point guards like Steph Curry and James Harden in the West.

- It's hard to imagine that things could get worse. But things just got worse for him.

- Yeah.

- Oh, things just got a lot worse because now you talked about, OK, what could be worse for him? What if he got hurt again? We haven't seen him healthy. That 29 he got in Boston is in a distant future, all right? He is trying to get-- I mean in his distant past. He is trying to get paid. Forget about playing for a winner and everything. Isaiah, man, wants to get paid. He's never gotten paid in his NBA career, substantially a long term security contract.

Also, man, he should have got traded to the East because, Jenna, you and I were sitting here discussing it. There's some names in the West that I'm concerned about him facing.

- He's got to play basketball in the West. Has to guard against guys like Damian Lillard, and Russell Westbrook, and Steph Curry, and all of these guys that are so much harder than who he was guarding when he wasn't really guarding in the East with Cleveland.

- Another one, James Harden and Chris Paul. So you can't hide him when you play the best teams. He can't guard Steph. He can't guard Klay. So he might be able to play. And him having his agent text yesterday the jump during the show--

- Rachel Nichols, all caps, Isaiah will not be coming off the bench.

- Stop making demands. What about fitting in somewhere? What about being a good teammate? What about, hey, Magic Johnson, you know something? Hey, whatever you need me to do, I can do, because Magic's going to be pissed off when he sees Isaiah Thomas is not his childhood friend. Isaiah Thomas--

- Right, he's like, oh, this one?

- Yeah, and he's got a 5' 8" guy coming into the locker room. So I believe this is going to be a rough season for Isaiah. If I was him, I would just go on the DL, just not making any comments, trying to fit into the scheme in Los Angeles. Because Los Angeles, they do have a plan for the future. And I don't believe Isaiah is part of it.