Yahoo’s Chris Mannix knows who the Thunder can acquire that could take them to the Western Conference Finals

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In light of the NBA trade deadline swiftly approaching and André Roberson being out with an injury, Yahoo's Chris Mannix unveils to Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe who the Oklahoma City Thunder can acquire that will take them to the Western Conference Finals. Could any of these players be the answer that Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony need to elevate OKC over Steph, KD and the Golden State Warriors?

- Chris, which contender do you think is most likely to make a big trade? I know you said earlier there aren't a ton of rumors out there.

- Yeah, it depends on what you mean by big, right. I mean, is it a deal--

- Impactful.

- Eh. Look, whoever--

- It changes the playoff picture.

- Whoever gets Tyreke Evans probably gets an impact player. Tyreke Evans is having his best season as a pro. He's a versatile guy. He's shooting close to 40% from three.

He's going to have an impact if it's with a Boston, if it's with a Washington, a Philadelphia. I look at that. But the team I think that needs to make a deal is Oklahoma City. And Oklahoma City, over the last, you know, three or four days, has really been canvassing the league looking for that wing defender.

Losing Andre Roberson really, really hurts Oklahoma City. They needed him to be that defensive player. And prior to the Golden State game, they were really struggling in the aftermath of that injury.

They're hoping to poach somebody. They don't have a lot of assets, no first round draft pick this year to deal, not a lot of pieces outside of their core. But if you're looking at a team that could go from maybe a first round exit to the conference finals based on one player, I think Oklahoma City might be that.

- So Avery Bradley?

- Avery Bradley be a good fit there. Jonathon Simmons with Orlando, Orlando might have a fire sale at some point. He would be a good fit there, somebody that could step in and kind of play that Roberson role.