Nick Wright unveils four reasons why the Cleveland Cavaliers need to trade Isaiah Thomas

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Reflecting on Isaiah Thomas on the eve of the NBA trade deadline saying he's tired of being traded, Nick Wright unveils four reasons to Cris Carter, Jenna Wolfe and Chris Mannix why Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers need to trade Isaiah Thomas now if The King's squad hopes to make a championship run this year.

- IT says, I'm sick of being traded. Sometimes you got to look in the mirror, man. Like everyone-- when he and Boogie didn't get along in Sacramento, everyone blamed Boogie. Everyone-- and listen, Boogie's got some emotional issues. I think we all know that.

But it looks like Isaiah Thomas can be a tough guy to be around. Then he goes to Phoenix. That blows up immediately. Works well in Boston, when everything revolves around him.

He goes to Cleveland, and best I can tell, since he's been playing, he's called out Kevin Love. He's called out the team as a whole. Yesterday, he called out the coaching staff. And he has been, on a per-minute basis, the single worst player in the NBA. So I agree with you he's not a--

- Other than that, though?

- He's not a big asset right--

- Amazing

- --now--

- Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

- --but they might be better without him at the moment.

- Well, I don't think it's fair to criticize him the way he's doing, because I believe that the injury is more traumatic than we know. And you're one of the few people that has been consistent. When you were first on this show, you said, listen, he's damaged goods.

Obviously, Cleveland, they-- in the physical, his body showed to have more damage. They went back to Boston. Boston compensated them even more. But you thought that there was question if he'll ever return to the player that we had seen--

- At least this season.

- --the last two years. And for me, I'm only going to criticize him so much, until I see the player. So when you're not the player, you see the frustration. He's also playing for a contract. He's in a new environment.

Being in Cleveland is not the greatest environment. Even though you might think LeBron is the greatest player, they have had locker room problems for a number of years. It's hard to be on the team with LeBron with the amount of tension.

And imagine where IT is in his career, his own personal struggles. So he thought he had a home in Boston. They gave up on him. Now he's going to Cleveland. And he's not healthy.

So I'm just going to hold back some of the criticism, because of what you told me-- that he was injured far worse. And he might not never be the same type of player.