Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson knew all along Nick Foles could lead Philly to Super Bowl LII

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First, Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson reveals why he was confident in Nick Foles' ability to lead Philly to Super Bowl LII. Additionally, Lane discusses how the game-changing 'Philly Special' came to be under the crafty coaching of Doug Pederson.

NICK WRIGHT: We had you on, as Jenna mentioned, a few times throughout the year. One time was right after Carson Wentz got hurt. And you seemed to have, not a false confidence, but a real confidence, not just in your team, but in Nick Foles.

You're also one of just a handful of guys that are still on the team that your rookie year was his magical season, right? The 27 touchdown, 2 interception year. How much of your belief in him stemmed from the fact that you had seen him-- granted, in a different offense-- but that you had seen him, when you first got to the league, have one of the best statistical seasons we've ever seen?

- I was just thinking, you know, my rookie year, he had great success. So I've seen it before. And even before the season started, I was, like, you know, if anything does happen to Carson, we're in a great situation. And that goes just with a lot of depth, linebacker, left tackle, which, usually, you know you don't have. And we were fortunate.

You know, it's terrible what happened with Carson, but we did-- I mean, as soon as Nick got in, got in a rhythm, and got an offense that he liked, man, it was just really, you know, taken off from there.

JENNA WOLFE: Lane, one of the things I think we were all really impressed with afterwards was Doug Pederson's play calling. I don't think-- I mean, I think we thought he was going to go out there and call a pretty fearless game. I don't think anyone thought he was just going to be lights out, thrill seeking, balls to the wall, everything you've got, go win it for us, Nick Foles.

- Yeah.

- We were impressed. And it was fun to watch. Tell me about it from the other perspective, being a part of it.

- Yeah, so the night before the game, he said, hey, you know, I'm going to come up with plays. I'm going to be me. I said, all right, Coach. Well, hey, we're going to see. We going to see tomorrow, so--


- So you was calling his bluff?

- No. No, I mean, I believed in him, but he was excited. And then, got in the game, and he just--


--he just-- first down after first down after first down, and then, the Philly special. I think, you know, we've been running it for weeks. We had in our back pocket. And I think Nick mentioned it to Doug. I was hoping that we'd run in that situation and got it done. So we just-- [INAUDIBLE].

JENNA WOLFE: When you practiced it successfully?

- Successfully. Yeah, there was many times when we dropped the ball, you know, it was late on the timing, it was messed up. So, yeah, we got it done, though, when we needed to.