Lonzo Ball over Isaiah Thomas: Nick Wright’s comparison outlines how much trouble LeBron’s Cavs are in

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In light of the Cleveland Cavaliers blowing a 21-point lead in their gut-wrenching loss to the league-worst Orlando Magic, Nick Wright makes the unique comparison of Lonzo Ball to Isaiah Thomas, illuminating the rookie's better statistics which would suggest why LeBron James and the Cavs need to part ways with IT now before it's too late.

- But I want to show a different set of numbers to America, right now. One of Chris's favorite things, a blind real. Look at the screen if you would, partner. Left hand side, you got a guy giving you 10 points a game, 35% from the field, 30% from three, and a 12.2 PER. To give some context, a 15 PER is league average.

On the right hand side, you have a guy averaging more points-- nearly 15. Exact same field goal percentage. Way worse 3-point percentage, and the same PER. Show me who those two people are. It's Lonzo Ball and Isaiah Thomas.

- Isaiah must really be doing bad, because we haven't had Ball on the show in so long. I mean, for real. That's a real blind reveal, bro.

- Here's why I did it. All year long the knock on-- At least Lonzo's giving you 7 rebounds, 7 assists. Isaiah's giving you 4 assists, two rebounds. At least Lonzo, this year, has been a passable defensive player. Isaiah's the worst defensive player in the league. If you're the worst defensive player in the league, and you're shooting 23% from 3, Lonzo in his nadir was shooting 24%. Listen, I know the hips not right. That's why you can't get to the basket.

- Yes.

- Why can you not hit-- knock down shots, and then to compound it, Jenna, as you mentioned earlier. To me, the guy, it's like, oh, we're going apart. One of the reasons we're going apart part is you're going at Kevin Love. You're buddying up with the owner who your best player hates. Like, he has been-- the Cavs have to seriously be considering, in the next 30 hours, trading Isaiah Thomas. Even if you're selling $0.30 on the dollar--

- It's got to be on the board.

- Has be on the board.