Cris Carter on LeBron: ‘They’re going to get knocked out in the playoffs, and he’s going to take the jersey off and leave the Cavs’

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Drawing on the Cleveland Cavaliers blowing a 21-point lead in their epic collapse to the Orlando Magic, Cris Carter reveals to Jenna Wolfe and Nick Wright a plausible, reminiscent trajectory for LeBron James that should worry Cavs fans to the core.

- Pretty definitive there. So CC, of course you started with all of this. And you mentioned this yesterday. Now he's come out and said he's not going to waive it. So is there-- do you have something else for us?

- No, no. We're strapped. I mean, that's the next thing. You're strapped. All right. They're going to get knocked out in the playoffs. And just like before, he's going to take the jersey off, and leave the Cavs. And go to his next team. That's the way it's going to end in Cleveland.

There's no there's no need to be dramatic about it. Like, these are the steps. And these are the signs. Yes, LeBron. I know, yes. This is my teammates and everything. Yes, absolutely. No, I don't want to be traded. Not going to give up on it. You know the reason why? Because he'll get blamed for it. They'll say he quit on the Cavs, regardless of what team he goes to. They'll come up with--

- You mean if he leaves before the end of the season?

- If he were to waive his no trade clause.

- Of course.