Nick Wright reveals why Tom Brady and other Patriots rallied around Malcolm Butler’s Twitter post

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals why Tom Brady and other New England Patriots rallied around Malcolm Butler's Twitter post that debunked several bogus theories on why he was benched during Super Bowl LII.

- Tom Brady cosigning this goes a long way to people believing him. If Malcolm Butler was caught with weed the night before the game or missed curfew the night before the game, sd many of the rumors have been, loosely, lightly reported rumors by not some of the best national media members-- but rumors all the same that he had to respond to-- if those were true, then I don't know that Tom Brady, right after losing a Super Bowl, is immediately going to social media to comment on what a great teammate he's been, what a great person he's been.

So I think that further validates what Malcolm Butler is saying.

- 100% Tom Brady knows.

- Correct.

- There's no doubt that Tom-- just like I tried to tell you and you after the game. If I was on that team, I would know the situation. And I would know how to approach it. And it's amazing that Tom Brady feels as if, when he issues this post, Tom feels like he's got to come to defend him.

Tom Brady didn't have to do that. And Tom Brady has spent his career taking care of Tom Brady.

- Right.

- He would not help Cassel. He would not help Jimmy Garoppolo. But he's got a teammate in distress. He decides to do something that is not characteristic of Tom in the way he's conducted his career.

- A guy in distress who, by the way, as you alluded to, he knows isn't even going to be a teammate anymore.

- Yes.

- So a guy that he, in a few months, won't have any professional connection to moving forward.