Nick Wright unveils his theory for why Patriots OC Josh McDaniels turned down the Colts HC position

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Reflecting on the recent news that New England Patriots OC Josh McDaniels turned down the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position, Nick Wright unveils his theory on why McDaniels chose not to leave Foxborough to become Andrew Luck's next head coach.

NICK WRIGHT: If it were, he was offered the job, he pondered it. He went back to a second interview. Was offered the job again, and then said, you know what? I'm good. Then I would have totally been with you. Something's up with Andrew Luck. Chris Mortensen, one of your former colleagues reported he might need another surgery.

But as of yesterday morning--

- That was his job.

- He was on the phone with Ursay. And accepted it. And then yesterday evening he changes his mind? That is a very small window of time for new Andrew Luck information to come out. Now, maybe there were some Andrew Luck worry bubbling up.

- I mean the Andrew Luck information could be just as likely to happen as Bill Belichick not coaching. The likelihood of which one is-- Andrew Luck's got a worse shoulder than we thought, or Bill Belichick is going to walk away from New England.

NICK WRIGHT: Well, I don't think Bill Bellichick is going to walk away from New England this year. But I do think the meeting with Robert Kraft that happened after he agreed to terms-- didn't sign but agreed to terms with Indianapolis, that is the variable in this that appears to have changed the situation. And I know people say Robert Kraft sweetened the pot moneywise.

I don't know what he makes as the offensive coordinator in New England. I can say with full confidence, you are not going to make more as the coordinator in New England, as you was the head coach in Indy. So while you could sweeten the money, you couldn't make the money even. And yes, the Patriots have a far better ownership situation, but one is a head coaching job, one is a coordinator job.

I'm not saying Robert Kraft said to him, hey, you're going to be the head coach in a year. But do you-- I don't think Josh McDaniels does this if he is not fully confident that he is the next head coach of the New England Patriots. It's a hell of a gamble otherwise, because of the reputation you started talking about at the beginning.