Nick Wright questions Bill Belichick’s decision to not play Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII

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Nick Wright questions Bill Belichick's decision to not play Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII where the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. Could Butler have been the X-factor Brady's sqaud needed?

- The other part of the numbers has to be, OK, so when you took him out, were you getting a better performance? The guy who came in for him, Eric Rowe, was targeted seven times in this football game, four catches, 80 yards, a touchdown, a 137 quarterback rating.

Jonathan Bademosi, who is a special teamer, he only plays if there is an injury, he ended up being targeted on one play, a critical third down, where he missed-- where he didn't break the pass up and he missed a tackle. It went for 17 yards.

So the idea that Malcolm Butler, even if there-- and this is where I-- CC is saying, No, Matt, you know, we don't know what happened.

- I know something happened.

NICK WRIGHT: But here's my thing.

JENNA WOLFE: You just don't know what it is?

- I don't-- yeah, there's-- something had to have happened, but we don't know what it is. I, at this point, almost don't care what it was. Here's why.

CRIS CARTER: No, no, no, I care what it was.


NICK WRIGHT: Well, hold-- let me-- let me explain why, though. If it was this, if it was a punishable offense like this, why did you dress him? If he was-- if he was a healthy scratch, then absolutely, I will listen. Did he get caught with-- it did he get caught doing something he was supposed to do before the game? Was there something-- did he shove a coach in the locker room? OK, fine. I will listen to that.

But the moment you decide, whatever he did, he is still worthy of one of our 46 gameday activations, then you've got to, during the game, realize we've got to put him in the game. What-- in the world is the penalty supposed to be, you're going to take one of our roster spots and throw it away?

CRIS CARTER: Because if he was being demoted, being demoted from being a starter is being in the nickel or the dime player. And then playing more special teams. Like, you're just not starting. But you're not only just affecting him, you're affecting the whole roster.

- If you're saying he practiced with the first team on the last two days of practice, that was when? Wednesday, Thursday? Thursday, Friday?

- Thursday, Friday.

- Yeah, all two weeks.

- So-- so do we assume this happened sometime on Saturday, which would have given, though, the guys that stepped up behind him enough time to, at least, consider what they would have to change to start?

- Um, I'm not going to assume when it happened. I'm not going to speculate. I'm just going to go with the things that I do know. He was in the starting line up when they had the two weeks of preparation. So Bill Belichick, whatever happened, he didn't give the other guys the opportunity that they would get the starter reps.

NICK WRIGHT: Because-- but here's the other thing. Even if it happened the night before the game, unless we think it happened when they were taking the field, like, the night before-- you could tell Eric Rowe the morning of, not minutes before. Like, there is-- this is-- you cannot make this type of drastic decision as a head coach, have it go this poorly, and not have us question what the hell just happened here.