Nick Wright praises Doug Pederson for his coaching during Super Bowl LII

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Doug Pederson and Bill Belichick after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

- Far too often do I feel like coaches don't-- I feel like coaches don't do what they really want to do--

WOMAN: You said that, yeah.

- --out of fear of criticism. Like, yeah, I'd like to go for it here, but no one's going to criticize me if I take the points. Doug Pederson doubled down on leaning into the criticism. Oh, I'm going to go for it on fourth and-- fourth and goal. But I'm also going to call the trickiest of all trick plays, a reverse pass back to my quarterback.

That is, to me, surpassed Sean Payton for guts-- the onside kick-- for gutsiest call in a Super Bowl that I've ever seen. He was extraordinary, was Doug Pederson, in his continual aggressiveness throughout the game.

- Yeah. And, also, the coach knows his personnel. Trey Burton came to University of Florida as a quarterback. All right? So he has the overall experience. They moved Trey to tight end at the University of Florida after being a high school quarterback. He also played some quarterback and threw some passes in college.

So you're trying to utilize your whole roster. Doug Pederson's able to do that. He puts in a play at the perfect time. I don't think coaches worry about the criticism. I think coaches try to play the percentages. And they try to go for a safer play. Most coaches think alike. The thing that's different with Doug Pederson and Frank Reich, the offensive coordinator, is, they are going about it a little bit different.

And I think that with Doug, that's kind of his calling card. The same way Ron Rivera. That's the way he kind of-- besides defense, he was Riverboat Ron. And that's what-- you know, people started realizing how aggressive-- Belichick has been aggressive for a long, long time.

- And the flip side, by the way, the coach on the other side, the greatest coach ever-- all respect to Bill Belichick-- he was-- he's been known for his defense. This is the worst defensive game the Patriots have ever played in the playoffs, the most points they've ever given up, the most yards they've ever given up.

Belichick-- some of the small things, he usually does brilliantly. At the end of the-- the clock at the end of the first half, didn't use his timeouts properly. Belichick got outcoached by a young head coach in Doug Pederson.