Nick Wright reacts to Nick Foles’ ascension from backup QB to Super Bowl MVP

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Reflecting on the Philadelphia Eagles defeating Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, Nick Wright reveals why Nick Foles' ascension from backup QB to the Super Bowl LII MVP is so impressive.

- Nick, how remarkable was Foles' run from backup quarterback then to Super Bowl MVP?

- It was for me as remarkable of a thing as I've seen in recent sports history. Now, I'm a little biased because when they say people were counting us out, they could have been talking about me directly. The moment we found out--

CRIS: They were.

- Carson Wentz was done for the year, I wrote off this season.

JENNA: You said they were done, yeah.

- The moment the playoff bracket was locked in, I said there are five teams that can go to the Super Bowl out of the NFC.

- Yep.

- The one who can't? You're number-one seed Eagles. Why? Because Nick Foles is their quarterback. Period. Point blank. I didn't care that they had home field. I didn't care about how good their offensive and defensive lines were.

- But to your credit, he never really gave you reason to really believe it--

- He didn't.

- Except for a sliver in his career.

- And then-- but then, he has one of the best NFC Championship games we've ever seen. Got to see it in person. And then, one of the best all things considered Super Bowls we've seen. And by the way, keep in mind that one turnover-- man, his receiver had that ball in his hand. The one interception and then--

CRIS: Yes. Def-- yes.

- Popped it up in the air. It's not like that was a--

CRIS: A very fluke play.

- Right. It's not like that was a bad pass. But CC, you tweeted something right after the game that got me thinking. You treated about Frank Reich, his offensive coordinator. Football fans know Frank Reich, it's for one reason.

CRIS: Yes.

- He was the backup for Buffalo when they had the 31-point comeback against the--

CRIS: Houston Oilers.

- Houston Oilers.

CRIS: Warren Moon.

- So Frank Reich was-- he's offensive coordinator. He was a backup quarterback. Doug Pederson, his head coach, his play caller, is a backup quarterback. And man, Cris, it felt to me like they called plays and ran the team for their backup the way they had wished their coaches would call for them when they were in there. Not, we're going to try not to lose the game, but, you know what? We're going to play our playbook everything just like Carson Wentz was out.