Nick Wright unveils the only scenario in which LeBron James would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers

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In his reaction to Kevin Durant's dismissive comments about LeBron James joining the Warriors, Nick Wright reveals to Chris Broussard and Jenna Wolfe the only scenario in which he believes The King would leave The Land.

- The latter part of that question, go to Golden State, or staying in Cleveland. I think there is only one scenario that we're left with, in which LeBron stays in Cleveland. And that's if they win the title. I don't see another way that this isn't LeBron's last year.

- So would you be-- I think the odds are he's leaving. But you actually think the odds are better of him going to Golden State than staying?

- I don't think he's going to Golden State. I just wanted to zero in on that part of it. I think going into this year, I did not think it was a foregone conclusion that LeBron was leaving Cleveland. And I don't think he thought it was a foregone conclusion that he's leaving Cleveland.

I think it was on the board, absolutely. He was considering it. It's why he wouldn't opt into the deal. There were a lot of reasons why-- he was certainly considering a lot of options. But there was some discussion as if LeBron has decided he's leaving.

I never bought into that. I don't yet buy into it, that he has decided he's leaving. I think he would stay if they're the defending champions. But given the fact that Dan Gilbert is running the team, they don't really seem to have an empowered GM, we are now five days? Six days? From the trade deadline. They haven't done anything.

They just went through their toughest stretch of basketball since he came back. I think they would have to be the defending champions in order for him to come back another year.