Cris Carter breaks down the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame potential inductees ahead of Super Bowl LII

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Ahead of the Super Bowl LII matchup between Tom Brady's New England Patriots against Nick Foles' Philadelphia Eagles, Cris Carter examines the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame eligible players such as Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, Terrell Owens, Brian Urlacher and Brian Dawkins, revealing to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why he hopes certain, potential inductees make it in this year.

- I know you're a guy with a list. So I just quickly just came up with the list. Over the last 40 years in the National Football League, I believe there were five wide receivers who should have been first ballot Hall of Famers.

Number one, of course, being Jerry Rice. Number two, Michael Irvin, the play maker, a Dallas Cowboy with three championships. They held against him, whatever they wanted to hold against him, to keep him out.

Terrell Owens should be in the Hall of Fame as a first ballot, given the numbers. But now, they came up with some criteria that now the locker room is an extension of the playing field, and we had never ever heard that before. Randy Moss is a first ballot Hall of Famer. And I'm not going to be ashamed to say it, with the numbers that I put up, I should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer.

So we have seen this. I waited. Michael Irvin waited. T.O. Is still waiting. Man, I'm praying for Randy. I'm working the phones. I'm calling people. But it's going to be tight. I mean it's going to be a long, contested, battle.

And the people who voted for Terrell Owens, do they decide not to vote for Randy Moss because of what happened to T.O? Now that happened to myself. It happened to Tim Brown. It happen Andre Reed.

Now, eventually, all three of us end up getting in. But it does hold up, when you have other wide receivers or other positional players on the list. Now, who do I think gets in this year? Ray Lewis, definitely gets in. Now, the people who I think have a great possibility? Brian Urlacher, Brian Dawkins, Randy Moss, T.O., and they might put in one offensive linemen.

If there is a wild card, in his last year as a Hall of Fame, on the ballot 20 years, the great Everson Walls. Great cornerback with the Dallas Cowboys, came into the NFL as a rookie, as a free agent, and led the NFL in interceptions. It's his last year of eligibility. I believe that he gets in. Gets that one vote that puts him over the top.

So that's my list, Nick. You know I don't do lists, but--

- I love lists.

- You've had an influence on me.