Nick Wright on James Harden’s 60-point, MVP-caliber night: ‘That was as impressive as Kobe’s 81’

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In his reaction to to James Harden being the first player in NBA history to drop 60 points while notching a triple-double, Nick Wright reveals why The Beard has locked up the MVP (barring any injury), comparing this memorable outing to Kobe's spectacular 81-point performance against the Toronto Raptors in 2006.

- He won it last night. I just want-- barring injury. Barring an injury, James Harden's the league MVP. Like, I'm the guy that says LeBron should have won nine of the last 10, given how the Cavs are playing. Given the fact that the Rockets--

- Team success.

- No Chris Paul. No Trevor Ariza. No Eric Gordon. And by the way, James Harden's 55th and 56th point we're on a step back to take the lead, and then the eight-- he scored his final four points on one play, essentially. It was an and one three to ice the game. This was-- I'm going to go a step further that you guys might brushback at. This was to me as impressive as Kobe's 81.

Like, to see this game, 60, 10, and 11 in a closely contested game. Kobe's 81 was close at halftime, and then in the second half, they blew him out. I know the Magic were terrible, well that Raptor's team was terrible. This was as impressive as any individual statistical night I've seen in the NBA.