Nick Wright reacts to Steve Spagnuolo’s claim that Patriots stole Eagles’ defensive signals in Super Bowl XXXIX

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Steve Spagnuolo's report that the New England Patriots stole the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive signals in Super Bowl XXXIX.

NICK WRIGHT: If you used the word learning instead of stealing, then it would sound almost complimentary.

- Well, you can't say learn it when they got also video tape from SpyGate.

NICK WRIGHT: OK, well, that's the distinction I was about to draw. What Steve Spagnola's talking about there, there is nothing wrong with that. I think it's a positive. I think you should get a pat on the back for it. If you are smart enough to, during a game, figure out, OK, when they say sky, it means this. When they say this, it means that. When the D tackle is leaning forward, god bless. Good luck.

The only way I would feel like the Patriots cheated in the Super Bowl against the Eagles, if we found out they had poisoned Donovan McNabb's Gatorade, and that's why he was throwing up on the final drive of the game. What they did in that game is in bounds. But the other stuff, the Spygate and then Deflategate, where twice the league office has said, hey, we did a full investigation.

And guess what the result of it is? First round pick, give it to me. First round pick, give it to me, and your quarterback can sit four games. Of course, that follows them. And they earned that. They earned that. It's going down weird. They earned that honestly, or dishonestly, is I guess the phrase may be works better, right? The Patriots are the greatest football dynasty I've ever seen.

Tom Brady's the very best quarterback I've ever seen. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach I've ever seen. All of those things can be true along with this. Part of their football obituary is involved in two of the larger cheating scandals of the 21st Century of the NFL where they lost draft picks for it. That will follow them, and it should follow them.