Cris Carter reacts to Roger Goodell’s concern that the NFL catch rule is ‘not the rule people really want’

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter explains how he, Roger Goodell and the NFL brass are trying to simplify the catch rule to make fans of the game happy. Citing Jesse James and Kelvin Benjamin's cases, Carter illuminates the difficulties that technology brings and why he believes 'surviving the ground' will be the biggest new change coming in the future.

- Last week, Odell held a meeting with a handful of Hall of Fame receivers and coaches to discuss, and our very own Cris Carter was one of them. So CZ, if you will, take us into that meeting, and give us a little perspective on what was discussed, and how it was all brought to--

- And if I may tell the audience, real quick. If you guys were watching a few Wednesdays ago, and we were kind of cagey about it. We're like, Cris has to go. It's an important meeting. That's what the meeting was. That's where it was. So it was two Wednesdays-- two weeks ago, tomorrow. Go ahead.

CRIS CARTER: For NFL fans, they should be very, very happy, if you enjoy watching the game. Because what they're trying to do is simplify it, and make it better for the fans. So that almost every aspect of the game, fans understand. And they understand it enough that they know what they're watching.

When they're watching high school football, they realize the rules are different. Watching college football, they realize the rules are different. They realize that we should have a level of expertise and professionalism in catching the ball, that should be more difficult than college or high school.

So the conundrum in doing that, is either through verbiage-- and the hardest part is how do you survive the ground? That's the hardest part that Bill and them tried to get through. People think that you shouldn't have to survive the ground. The ground is actually the surface that you're playing on, so it's not as if you're elevated above the ground. It is a huge element to playing football.

But for our fans, and there be such different views on what was a catch. Because I know what it catch is. It's been explained. But I adopted all the rules of surviving in the ground. People, they think they know what a catch is, but they don't even know all the rules. If you believe in the rules, as far as surviving the ground, these replays become a lot easier.

That right there, Kelvin Benjamin, he just got possession of the ball. So his left foot was off the ground. We watched video, after video, after video. Jesse James-- he was falling. Bill Cower and myself had a huge discussion and debate on, he thought that was an athletic move. And I told him any guy can get knocked off a bar stool. Falling is not an athletic move. So we went back and forth, back and forth.

Roger is very concerned about the fans and their inability to understand the game in real time. Now, we also know that technology, even though it is our friend, it hurts in the replay. Because it reveals so much, in so many slow frames, that it's really hard for a guy in real time, a referee, to get.

Because he doesn't have that look. He's making it right now. It's a bang bang play. And the refs are doing a better job of it.

But I think some of the verbiage, some of the language will be changed. And I believe, as far as surviving the ground, that will probably be the biggest difference in the new rule change.