Nick Wright isn’t sold the Cavaliers have turned it around quite yet

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Nick Wright talks Cleveland Cavaliers after they beat the Detroit Pistons 121-104 on Sunday. Find out why Nick still thinks the team has room to grow before the NBA playoffs.

- It's a good sign. But it is not a turning point. J.R. Smith, who had been the least productive starting two-guard in the league, was 11 of 20 from three in these two games. I don't want to simplify it to just one player from being terrible to being amazing. But that helped a lot.

LeBron, after being in, I would say, about a two-week funk in these two games, gave you a 26, 9, and 13 a night. Despite the fact that in the first game of this two-game win streak, he had nearly a dozen turnovers. So Lebron's playing at a higher level.

It seemed to me, that Jae Crowder being moved out of the starting lineup was a bit of a system shock for players on the team not named Jae Crowder. You saw Tristan Thompson playing with more energy. J.R., I don't know that he was playing with more energy, but he seemed to be playing a smarter brand of basketball.

But I won't believe the Cavs have reached a turning point until either they make a major trade, or Isaiah Thomas starts looking full time like an NBA player. I forgot who put this on Twitter, but it was a smart comment. They said, man, there have been moments this season where Isaiah Thomas just looks like a really short guy trying to play in the NBA.

Where he's going into the lane jumping, not knowing what he's going to do with the ball. And he had a good third quarter in the game last night. And that's really all you can take from Isaiah Thomas in this two-game winning streak.

So I won't believe it's a turning point until he starts looking anything close to what he was last year. But it's a good thing-- if they changed the lineup and then lost these two games, then you're really flailing. So it was a good step in the right direction.