Cris Carter reacts to Golden State’s 109-105 win over the Cetlics

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Cris Carter talks Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics after GSW beat BOS on Saturday night. Was this a preview of the 2018 NBA Finals?

- Watching this game, you had to be able to feel the like-- there was like a palpable energy with these two teams matching up. Do you think this could be an NBA Finals preview, CC?

- There's no doubt. Absolutely. These look like-- Well, now East and West. Now there might be someone else who might come out of the West, but the way they played, the intensity for which they played, the matchups-- And if you look at the people that were on the court-- it's not like in the playoffs, one team is gonna have another player-- now typically, our man, Mannix, said that Gordon Hayward's traveling with the team-- like things like-- These are the players that we would be seeing in the postseason.

So it was a great matchup. The intensity was definitely ramped up. But also, the skill level of what it required to get the ball in the hole, and the intensity for which they were playing defense. It was amazing regular season game. I enjoyed it. It was nice to see the Celtics were able to ramp it up. And it let you know, man, Kyrie is the only guard really in the NBA-- the point guard-- that can match Steph bucket for bucket move for move.

And when you-- We've seen this in the finals. And Kyrie is very comfortable playing against Steph because, even though they're on the court, Kyrie is being guarded by Klay more than he is Steph. Now, he has to guard Steph, so they do a lot of pick and roll, so you do see them, and you can see the motivation when they're on the court one to another. They definitely make the other person's game rise up.