Nick Wright reacts to Kevin Durant admitting to his ‘diva’ behavior during his recent ejection

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to Kevin Durant admitting to his 'diva' behavior during his recent ejection, speculating what this means in terms of KD's brand and how fans view him moving forward.

NICK WRIGHT: I'm not-- I have a healthy level of skepticism. Because you-- you mentioning that Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City-- been a long time since we've seen him. And there have been a lot of exit ramps that he has passed where he could have decided, I'm going to go back to that and chosen against it.

He could have decided that after his first, second, or third ejection this year. He could have decided it after the embarrassment about the fake Twitter account. He-- There are plenty of times he could have said, man, what am I doing? Now, it is as CC would say, it is alwa-- it is never the wrong time to do the right thing.


NICK WRIGHT: So if this is the time, I welcome it. You guys know how much I love the NBA, how much I love basketball, and how important I think it is for the faces of the league to conduct themselves accordingly. It's why I got upset when Steph through his mouthguard at the ref. It's why I haven't liked how Durant's been carrying himself this year.

So I hope he-- I hope this is a moment where he's like man, I can get back. I can still be just as good at hoop and be back to the guy I was in OKC. I just don't know who the real guy is though. That's-- That's my issue. I don't know what is the genuine Kevin Durant because we now have a lot of data on both sides of it.

And my fear is, because you-- CC, you've talked [INAUDIBLE] that KD's not a natural leader, great basketball player, great scorer, all these things, but that he is not a guy that is just that natural leader personality. My fear is that he is starting to mimic some of the traits of the leader of the team, Draymond Green. The only two guys in the league with double-digit technicals are Draymond and Kevin Durant.

Draymond says last week, they should fire every single ref in the league. Durant follows that up, this week, by saying, you know, this ref's out to get me. I don't-- So I hope that Durant breaks off from that. At least with Draymond, it's genuine. That is who Draymond is.

But I don't-- I don't know what the genuine KD is. So I-- I-- I hope that we don't look back on that interview and say, it was you know-- that that was just a moment that he said he was gonna change where he didn't, because I would like to enjoy the parts of Kevin Durant that aren't ba-- just watching him play hoop like I said yesterday.