Cris Carter’s passionate reason on why Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens ‘absolutely’ do not belong in the Hall of Fame

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Reflecting on Barry Bonds and and Roger Clemens both falling short to achieve the MLB Hall of Fame voting threshold of 75%, a heated Cris Carter delivers a passionate message to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on why he never used steroids in the NFL and why players like Bonds and Clemens who used performance enhancing drugs 'absolutely' do not belong in the MLB Hall of Fame.

- But it's because they played in an era where it was dozens upon dozens of guys.

- I played in the era, Nick. I don't use the excuse. There was hundreds of guys suspended from NFL over steroids. I don't use that excuse. I had the same opportunity. I knew what was going on, but I decided to stick to grind, you know what? I'm get up at 6:00. My trainer going to call me. We're going to hit the track at 6:00. We're going to lift weights after that. We're going to do yoga after that.

We're going to also use all natural products. We're going to remove all the other artificial stuff from your diet. You're getting ready to do all that kind of stuff. Yes, that's what I did. I knew there was guys using steroids, but I chose not to. Because I knew it was important. It was important for me to be able to get everything I got out of what God gave me, not out of what some needle gave me. Only what God gave me.

And I worked as hard as I could. All right? I mean, I wish I was as good as Jerry Rice. I wasn't. But I guarantee if I had taken some steroids, I guarantee you my numbers would have been a lot different. So no. Do you utilize steroids? No, it's a huge advantage. Absolutely no.

- Just real quick before we go. Why didn't you?

- Because I didn't need it. 'Cause I didn't need it. 'Cause I believe in elbow grease. That's what I believe in, getting up and working hard. That's what I believe in. And I believe every man should be measured on that, on an equal playing field. I love Tom Brady. If I heard anything about, man, Tom Brady used steroids, man, get him out of there.

Absolutely. Any other great player. Now you all can do what you all want in baseball, in but the National Football League, you got some steroids, that's a huge advantage. And there's too many of us that got up early, busted our butt, did all the right stuff, that no, I'm not going to give you my graces. You don't deserve to get in here. If it's a special place, heck no. Get out of here with that mess, man. I wish I have seen that before the show.

- Wow.

- OK, quickly before we go, did they get in or not?

- They'll eventually get in, and I would vote for them, but that was awesome. Like I've never disagreed with someone so much, but enjoyed hearing it more than I just did then. That was great.

- Coming up, let's talk some football. CC doesn't know anything about that.

- You all let me know when you get back to football, I'm done with it.

- Does Nick Foles have an edge against the Patriots defense? Words, words, words.

- Deante, come get my seat.

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