Nick Wright reveals how Isaiah Thomas’ recent bouts with adversity could be affecting his play on the Cavs

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals why Isaiah Thomas deserves a bit of a break after the trials and tribulations he's had to overcome the last nine months.

- I do want to say one thing about Isaiah Thomas, and it's why I wouldn't sell all my Isaiah Thomas stock yet. We do have to recognize that even though these guys are pro athletes and famous people and celebrities, they're real human beings. And this, the last nine months for Isaiah Thomas, have been as difficult of an emotional ride as what any person could deal with.

To go from your highest heights as a pro athlete to then within a span of three months, break your face, have a serious career-threatening hip injury, tragically and unexpectedly lose a sibling in a car accident, be traded from a team that you were thinking one day might retire your number, to then all of a sudden having to totally change your game to play with one of the most demanding players we've ever seen in a new city with a bigger expectation, arrow, or a target on your back then ever before, that would be difficult for anyone to deal with.

And he's doing all of it with the specter of, am I going to get that big contract hanging over him. So I think, I'm-- I'm-- it might be a little much for us to expect the fully functional Isaiah Thomas already. I think that-- it still exists that he could get to close to the level he was last year, it's just a lot for him in these last nine months.