Nick Wright unveils his Mt. Rushmore of the Greatest Athletes of All TIme

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Reflecting on LeBron James reaching 30,000 points last night against the Spurs and Tom Brady playing in his record 8th Super Bowl, Nick Wright unveils his Mt. Rushmore of the Greatest Athletes of All Time to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe. Who's on your Mt. Rushmore?

- I know there's almost nothing more cliche in sports talk than Mt. Rushmores. So allow me to do one quickly, if I could. I try to think about this when we talk about the greatest athletes of all time. Like, what are some sports that have been going on forever.


- Since the beginning of time-- No. Since the beginning of time people want to know, Who can win in a fight? So the greatest to me, the greatest fighter of all time has to be on there. That's Muhammad Ali.

Since the beginning of time people have wondered, Who's the fastest guy out here? Who can run, whether it's from lions or saber tooth tigers, or whatever. Usain Bolt. So he's got to be on there.

I also want to be fair to all people. Who's the greatest female athlete of all time? Serena Williams. She's got to be on there.

That leaves one spot for the greatest team athlete ever. Some people would have Michael Jordan. Some people would have Tom Brady. I have LeBron James. But Brady is in that discussion of all sports history. Is his face on the mountain? It damn well might be. And he's not done playing. It's remarkable.

- I have a different mountain range, but we'll get to that in a bit.

- Ali, Bolt, Serena, LeBron. There you go.

- All right, I like it.

- There is is. There's your four.

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CRIS CARTER: Did he say a saber tooth tiger?