Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: Nick Wright and Cris Carter unveil who’s the greatest scorer

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Reflecting on LeBron James' game last night against the San Antonio Spurs where he became the youngest player in NBA history to reach the 30,000 point milestone, Nick Wright and Cris Carter unveil who's truly the GOAT -- Michael Jordan or LeBron James.

- Time now for a second--

CRIS CARTER: One I got right.

- We call drawing a blank.

NICK WRIGHT: Oh. A new segment? How does it work?

- It works like this. We're going to start with LeBron James, follow along. He became the seventh player in NBA history to score 30,000 points last night. CC, the best scorer in NBA history is blank.

- Michael Jeffrey Jordan. It's easy for me. He can score from anywhere, had a post-up game he added later, we know what he did in transition. One of the few players that could play above the rim who was an elite scorer. And also, later in his career, we saw he moved his jumpshot back from 18 feet to 22 feet. Michael Jordan. Number 23. Six-time champion.

- The greatest scorer in NBA history is the man who's going to finish with the most points in NBA history, and the youngest player to reach 30,000 points. LeBron-- since we're going middle names-- LeBron Raymone James. LeBron averaged 25 points per game, 14 seasons and counting. No one else has ever done it more than 12.

Much like MJ, he can score from anywhere on the court and he does it more efficiently than Michael Jordan. Jordan averages three more points per game in his career, but that's not due to scoring more efficiently. It's due to taking more shots. So I think the best scorer is the guy who's going to go down as the all-time leading scorer, LeBron James.

- Is number two for you LeBron, and number two for you Jordan? Yes or no?

- No, no. Kobe's a better scorer than LeBron.

- Oh. Oh no.

- Yeah.