Nick Wright explains why the Philadelphia Eagles are the biggest Super Bowl underdogs since 2009

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In his conversation with Cris Carter, Jenna Wolfe and Chris Canty, Nick Wright explains why Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are the biggest Super Bowl underdogs since 2009.

- We also have to keep in mind that as Chris mentioned that the offense hadn't looked good for the Eagles until last week, or this-- the other day. And we hadn't seen a complete game by the Philadelphia Eagles since they beat the Los Angeles Rams in a game-- the game Carson Wentz got hurt. The next week when they played the Giants, their offense did look good, but the defense looked awful against the New York Giants. Following two weeks, their offense went away.

And you got to keep in mind who they were playing. Their first playoff game, they're playing the Falcons. The Falcons who people considered a hot team. The Falcons, who had just played one of their better games all year in beating the Los Angeles Rams. Then they're playing the Minnesota Vikings, a team that was-- same record as Philadelphia, but hadn't lost one of their key contributors, their starting quarterback.

- Well, their backup had played the whole season, basically.

- Right. They lost their starting quarterback in week one, as opposed to in week 14. And now why are they underdogs? Playing the bleeping Patriots. I mean, if they were playing the Jags, I promise you the Eagles would be favorites right now. Like, I don't-- I don't look at them being 5 and 1/2 point underdogs as a sign of major disrespect to Philadelphia, it's a sign of enormous respect to New England and still some, I would say, fair skepticism about Nick Foles. Because Nick Foles we've seen him now start a handful of games. He's only been what you would call great in one of them, and he was great this past weekend. But I don't think people are ready to say that Nick Foles you're going to get 12 days from now.