Nick Wright thinks LeBron James wants something drastic to happen in Cleveland

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Will the team replace Ty Lue?

- All right, Nick, is LeBron James trying to get Ty Lue fired just based on what you heard there?

- So if people couldn't quite hear the question, the question was about Ty Lue's future.


- And LeBron said, I don't know, I-- all right, so let me give a little context here for the audience. The day, the day it was announced that LeBron was going back to Cleveland, one of-- someone on Lebron's inner, inner circle, I talked to him. He said, just so you know, I know David Black's the coach. In the next few weeks, they will hire Tyronn Lue. They will also hire me-- not me, but the person who was talking to me.

- Mm hm.

- And eventually, Ty Lue's going to be the head coach, because that's Lebron's guy. I didn't believe him for a second. But Ty Lue got hired, then my buddy got hired. [LAUGHS]

CRIS CARTER: The NBA made-- the Cavs made him the highest paid assistant coach.

- And then he became the head coach. Ty Lue is a-- does not get enough credit for being an above average NBA coach, but he got the job because he's Lebron's guy. So that's the context to-- it would be shocking if LeBron wants him fired. But LeBron wants something drastic to happen with this team. It's, in my eyes, the only way to read his lethargic level of play the last couple weeks.

CC mentioned earlier he could be allowing the MVP to slip out of his hands, because Harden was injured and it was a great chance for LeBron to jump over him. And I don't think Lebron's tired. I don't think Lebron's lost it in the last month. He is playing at a level almost to force the Cavs hand, be it trade or coaching change. So I can't say he wants Ty Lue fired. I can say he wants something drastic to happen.