Nick Wright’s message to Philly fans after Sunday’s game

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Nick Wright talks Philadelphia Eagles after they beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday to advance to the Super Bowl.

- You mentioned the crowd. I grew up in Kansas City, going to Chiefs games, going to Chiefs home playoff games. And they lost all those games, that's neither here nor there.


They weren't blown out, all of them, so it was loud and-- loud--

- I mean, Philadelphia's not used to winning either.


- But the only reason I even said that is I have been to intense loud outdoor playoff games in what is considered the loudest stadium in the country, Arrowhead Stadium. That was the loudest football game outdoors I've ever been at. And I say this to Philadelphia fans, not because the section in front of us started a Nick Wright sucks chant, not because there were some threats. I say this because--

- That's true.

- --I owe it to the people that weren't sitting in front of me. Man, I am-- there are few things in my sports life I've been more wrong about that I've been about these Eagles all year. When they were 7 and 1, I said 7 and 1 can quickly turn into 11 and 5.


- I said-- when Wentz went down, I said--

- He is the MVP. They lose the MVP

- --they got no shot.

- --and be that good.

- I said-- I said, going into the playoffs, every single team that made the bracket in the NFC has a better chance than Philadelphia Eagles. And they responded by escaping against Atlanta, and then the most dominant playoff game-- one of the most dominant playoff games we've seen--


- --in the last half dozen years by any team in these-- in the playoffs. What they did yesterday, against an outstanding Vikings team.

And CC, you mentioned it, and I hate to do this to what's been such a great story, but it wasn't just the case pick six that ended it.


- It was the case fumble. When it's 14-- let me set the scene. It's 14-7. The Vikings have the ball on the Philly 16. It's going to be either 14-10 or 14-14. And the case fumble that was recovered, I believe, by our good friend Howie Long's son, Chris-- who's going to be in his second straight Super Bowl, by the way. Shout out to him. That--

CRIS CARTER: After never making the playoffs.

- After never making the playoffs. You're absolutely right. In St. Louis forever.

And then how did Philly respond after that case fumble? How about this? They got a third and 10 from midfield. You know the last time Philadelphia converted to third and 10 or longer? Carson Wentz was the quarterback.

And what did they do? 53 yards style, Alshon Jeffrey. That made it 21-7, and it felt like that was-- that didn't end the game, but it put the Vikings in a position where if Philly didn't make a huge mistake, they were going to win that football game.

Philly was outstanding, and I totally misjudged them this year.