Nick Wright unveils a crucial difference between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles

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In his preview of the NFC Championship Game between the Vikings and the Eagles, Nick Wright unveils to Cris Carter, Jenna Wolfe and Chris Canty a crucial difference between Minnesota's QB play and that of Philadelphia. Who has the advantage going into Sunday's matchup -- Case Keenum's squad or Nick Foles'?

NICK WRIGHT: The Eagles got to where they are positioned for the one seat, basically locked up the one seat with three weeks to go almost, based on the strength of their quarterback.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, all that is true, Nick. But the reality is you only have to win one game. So really, all that, how much does it matter because we're really talking about 60 minutes.

NICK WRIGHT: Of course, CC. But I'll tell you I'll tell you why I believe it matters. The Vikings have throughout the season shown you they can win football games against really good teams with just mediocre quarterback play. The Eagles have not shown me that.

The Eagles have not shown me that they are a great team with mediocre quarterback play. They've only, to me, looked like a great team when they've had great quarterback play. That's why if you ask me who needs to play better for their team to win, they need Nick Foles to look like a player he isn't, encourage wins. The Vikings just need Case Keenum to look like Case Keenum.