Nick Wright on Cavs drama: ‘When LeBron’s on the court… He has to do everything offensively’

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Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe his theory on the slumping Cleveland Cavaliers, noting why LeBron James not only has more physical stress on his plate but also mental fatigue.

NICK WRIGHT: If you watched the Cavs in the last three years prior to this year, there would be stretches of time where LeBron was on the court where he was able to essentially rest. Because Kyrie was just-- there would be, you know, three or four possessions in a row where the Cavs offensive was, Kyrie do something cool. Like, you know, Kyrie is going to handle the ball the entire time up the court, play isoball and usually get to the basket, or at least be able to get his shot off.

Now, until Isaiah Thomas gets back to full strength, if Isaiah Thomas gets back to full strength, there's been no one on the Cavs that can do that. JR is having his worst season of his professional career, D Wade and LeBron aren't playing a ton of minutes together because Wade's in the bench unit. So when Lebron's on the court, he's the only creator. He's got to do everything for the team offensively, which I think also leads to maybe, if not the physical strain, the mental strain of it, because Kyrie's not there.