Billy King discusses what it will take for LeBron and the Cavaliers to make a title run

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Former NBA GM Billy King joins Cris Carter,Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe to discuss LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers chances of making a NBA title run after dropping 9 of 12 games.

BILLY KING: I think it's the normal in Cleveland. I think you've got to remember, LeBron missed all of training camp, and that's when they struggled out of the gate. Now they get Isaiah Thomas back-- he's played five games, and they struggle.

Defensively, they're not going to be a great defensive team. They're going to be a team that's got to score the basketball. But I would not bet against LeBron. Every time LeBron gets out there, people say he's getting old-- I don't know if Miami can get back to the finals. He keeps getting there.

I think this team, you have veteran guys. They know the long road. They know how long it's going to take to get to the finals, how long the playoffs take. And they start playing basketball when you get late January, starting February because they understand it. They don't need to get the number one seat, as they proved last year. They just got to get in the playoff for home-court advantage and be healthy.

CRIS CARTER: I think with the Cavs, they have eight new players. Would you be concerned that there's only a handful of guys that have done that with LeBron?

Like they've added some other names that-- you know, with these reports coming to reporters. You've been around teams long enough as a player and manager to understand that some of this, there's always some truth. But how much faith do-- I have faith in LeBron. Nick-- ha, stop.


You've got faith in LeBron. What's wrong with the back end of this roster not having faith in LeBron?

BILLY KING: Well, like you said-- the bunch of new guys, they start talking, because they don't understand the situation. They don't understand LeBron. So they talk a little bit more. They may chirp to their friends. They may chirp to the media. And that's how a lot of stuff gets out. The J.R. Smiths, the Shumperts-- those guys, they understand what it takes to get to the finals. They've been there.

So those guys-- you may find those guys be moved on. You may see the move a couple of guys, cut some guys, add some veterans. Because what happens in this season-- veteran guys get bought out. Because they start looking, I don't like the roster I'm on. Let's see-- where can I go? And that's when players start recruiting guys.


BILLY KING: Hey, come here. Come play for us. We can get you bought out.

So I think, you know, it's too early. I want to see Isaiah Thomas play with them. Defensively, you know, they're atrocious. I understand that. But I think offensively they're pretty good, and I think when you get in the playoffs, teams focus in a little more. So they've got to be healthy going into the playoff.